Friday, December 7, 2012

Are Web Directories Still a Good SEO Practice?

The best SEO service? lulz bro!
Content or article marketing was proven as one of the best online marketing strategies. Content is very powerful in making a website rank high in Google and in other search engines out there. If you would like to use this strategy for your online marketing, it is a must that you make use of web directories like ezinearticles, articlebase, ehow and many more. They are very attractive in search engines because of the quality content that they have. If you will add your content to these directories, you will get a quality backlink going to your site that could allow you to have better online exposure and get potential sale or complete a deal.
Today, there are lots of web directories that you can find in the net. Some are good but others are not so good. Those that are good like ezinearticles, articlebase and ehow have their own editors. All articles that were submitted to them are checked manually to ensure quality. If you will use them, make sure to always have quality content to avoid hassle and inconvenience. Using these sites is really helpful and beneficial for your online business. The more backlinks you make, the better exposure your business will have. Always check the article directories that you will use for your campaign. Never settle to those who accept your articles easily for most of them are just used for spamming the search engines and for the use of some automatic content posted software that are used for black hat SEO strategies.
Aside from posting your articles and creating a backlink in your submission to web directories, you can also use them for making link wheels. Through this you can connect your content to one another so that the customers could get more information about your business and once they get into your site, they are already convinced and willing to take advantage of what you are offering to them.
The link wheel that you will create could be small or big, it will depend on how many article directories you are going to use. Actually, if you want to make a big link wheel, you can also use some blogs and web 2.0 sites. They are also a powerful tool for optimization. Four to five spoke link wheel is good, but 6 spoke or more link wheel is a lot better. So what are you waiting for, start creating content and use more web directories to widen your link wheel.
Overall, the use of web directories is still a good SEO or Search Engine Optimization process. What’s important is the type of web directories that you are using and what level of content you have for submission. Make sure to pick the best web directories and have top-notch content and your marketing online will always be a success. Quality is the most important thing in this matter. Once you maintain it in your site and in all of your campaigns, you are on the right way to achieving success!


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