Thursday, October 11, 2012

7 Funny Gag Gifts for Co-worker Birthdays

7 Funny Gag Gifts for Co-worker Birthdays
Everyone loves a great laugh, and if you’re looking for a great gift idea for a coworker, you should consider a gag gift. However, it is important to keep office appropriateness (and your coworker’s personality) in line, or else risk making the wrong impression with your well-intended gift. Need some inspiration in this arena? Here are seven funny gag gift ideas for coworker birthdays:
A customized trophy. Does your coworker have a distinguishing quality that is also humorous? If so, this is a great opportunity to create a personalized gift that will garnish some laughs. Visit a trophy shop and have the trophy engraved with a title of your choice (“Perfectionist of the Year” or “Loudest Telephone Voice,” for example).
Panic button. You can find these large, red buttons at many novelty shops and online gift retailers. They are perfect if you work in a stressful environment, or if your coworker is admittedly known for getting stressed out very easily.
Framed celebrity photo. If your coworker has a favorite celebrity, then you can gag him or her with a framed, “autographed” photo of that celebrity. Be sure to include a humorous message (like “to my favorite hair dresser,” for example). Also, consider the same idea, only substituting a famous icon of your industry (Mark Zuckerberg if you’re into computer programming, for example).
Batteries. Every office needs batteries, right? But batteries as a gift becomes funny (even if still practical) when you include a note or sign that says “gift not included.”
Diet candy. It’s not unusual for office workers to keep jars of candy on their desks, both for themselves and for guests. Gift your coworker with a jar of sweet treats and label it “diet candy.” Then super glue the lid shut for the punch line.
A clock. Does your coworker have a knack for always running behind? If so (and if your coworker has a good sense of humor about it), you can get some great gag gift laughs by gifting a clock that doesn’t work and personalizing with a label with your coworker’s name (“This Office on Brian Time,” for example).
Coffee mug. Coffee mugs are a great opportunity to get some laughs on your coworker’s big day, as you can find them imprinted with a wide array of funny phrases. For the office, consider a mug printed with “World’s Best Flask” or “Number One Boss” (for the secretary).
As you can see, there is no shortage of great ideas when it comes to office-appropriate birthday gag gifts. Draw from this list for inspiration and don’t be afraid to use some creativity.
About the Author: Jeffry Kenon works with a group of talented writers and designers and is always looking for fun ways to brighten up the atmosphere, especialy when birthdays roll around!


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