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5 ToolsTo Increase Your Social Media Roi

5 ToolsTo Increase Your Social Media Roi
Just because creating an account and using the popular social media websites are free, it does not mean that you can do as much social media marketing activities as you can in order to take advantage of this medium. Although there’s no cost per post or per minute or hour of usage, managing the social media marketing strategies also takes a lot of time and effort. Therefore, it will not be practical to simply be as aggressive as you can in order to get the message through as many people as you want.
There is a better way to increase social media ROI and this is with the right tools. Below are functional and widely used tools that can be relied upon in increasing one’s social media ROI. Some of these can be used for free while some comes with a few charges:
  1. Buffer – Posting in social media websites is one of the common ways of conveying a message to the people in your network. However, this social media activity should be done in an ideal time. With this tool, you can choose to queue up the message at the time that you wish. This is helpful when you suddenly think or find something in the net that is worth posting but you can’t be connected at the ideal time of sending the message to your followers. The first ten Tweets can be done for free. Available plans ranges from $10 to $99 per month.
  2. MarketMeSuite – To take advantage of all the popular social media websites, it is great to have an efficient dashboard that will combine pro-active marketing and geo-targetting activities. MarketMeSuite enables the user to share and post in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn simultaneously or schedule posts with these popular social media sites. Messages and posts can also be directed to a group of recipients that are near the business’ location. Creating an account is free and can be upgraded for certain fees.
  3. TwitSprout – Although this tool is free, it has proven itself to be functional to a lot of users. It gives the user information on how he is doing in the Twitter world by showing follower growth on a daily and hourly basis. For a customized service, users can request for a quotation.
  4. LiveFyre – Receiving comments is important in getting to know what people think about your blog and the product or service that you are offering. By integrating LiveFyre in the blog, the blog owner can give readers an interesting commenting plugin that will give readers or visitors a convenient time in expressing their comments. One great feature of LiveFyre is it can incorporate Twitter and Facebook in the discussion. For example, readers can mention a Facebook friend in the comment and that friend will receive a message informing him or her that he has been mentioned in a blog comment with a link that will lead to the blog site. Creating an account and using this tool is free.
  5. Constant Contact – In spite of the dominance of social media websites these days, emailing is still important and effective. What’s great with this tool is, it integrates Twitter and Facebook thereby allowing the user to make use of the emailing facility and social media. Emails that are sent can also be shared conveniently through Twitter and Facebook. Free trial is available for those who are interested about the service. For continuous use, monthly fees start at $15.
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