Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Buy ephedrine: A review and history

supplementsNormally I don’t do reviews of diet or sports enhancement supplement websites. I find most of them are usually shady and feel backdoor-ish. However with that said, Astro Supplements seems all right. It actually looks like a store and runs like a store so to me it is a store. What struck me as different about Astro supplements was that they are trying a social in approach way of doing business, rather than spam oriented. Looking at their website it looks really clean and web 2.0 style. They also use Facebook and twitter to really connect with shoppers. I find this is important as it validates the business itself.
A lot of companies that sell supplement or diet solutions simply put you on the landing page like a squeeze page and try to sell you their product with little to no information or a bunch of really loud talking advertisements like “hey by this now!” I think it’s the very definition of sophism and it boggles my mind that it actually works. So I didn’t really find that with Astro supplements. They have some good deals on vitamins to you don’t necessarily have to follow the diet thing.
Like I said navigation is really smooth basically the type of store where everything is clearly labeled and you know what you’re getting. It’s remarkable how completely different their supplement store is, compared with the rest of the market. When I think of spam I think the supplement market, it’s just saturated with spam so I really appreciate that this is a new or bold approach to the industry.
It’s kind of funny because a new approach to the industry is simply treating people like people and not an advertisement market or some sort of click-through product purchaser. I’m basically trying to say that the old approach hopefully is dying out and this new model that Astro supplements is following becomes the gold standard.

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