Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Human Condition

The Human Condition

Resistance to change
Being resistant to change is a bad habit that most of us are guilty of. There are many changes in our individual lives that can be easy, but there are also very many that are difficult. One prime example I can think of that relates to my attitude toward change is when I had my first roommate who was not a sibling. It is interesting to see two people reside together who come from very different family cultures with differing opinions and habits. There are many times when compromise is necessary. I found myself very resistant to change in some of the situations that required compromise on my part. I was convinced that a residence was unclean if it was untidy. This is not always the case. As a perfectionist, I found it difficult to separate the two ideas. If things were in disarray and the living room was untidy, I interpreted that to mean it was also unclean. There were often no dishes left out or empty pizza boxes sitting around. Typically it was just a coat or books left on the couch or shoes left in the hallway. These are minor issues in comparison, as they did not cause our home to be unclean. I just simply interpreted it to mean that. It took me a while to adjust from the idea that untidy meant unclean, and I was very resistant to altering my lifelong ideals. But after many months I finally adjusted to the idea that at least there was not mud in the hallway or food in the sink. Just because things were “out of place” did not mean that our home was unclean.

The Human Condition

We are all guilty of stereotyping at some point or another in our lives. This is an issue that is neither well liked nor easily changed. We hear a lot in the news about racial profiling, especially since the attempted bombing incident on Christmas Day aboard an airplane flight. We all find ourselves looking at someone more closely if they appear to fit the profile of someone who has recently caused (what we perceive as) unprovoked harm or attempts to harm innocent people. The idea of stereotyping leaves many humans skeptical and afraid of someone who simply looks the part of, in this case, a terrorist. The person might be far from what is defined as a terrorist, but if they look the part they are singled out and watched very closely to see if they act out in a terroristic fashion. We have all been known to stereotype someone because of their age, sex, race, or sexual orientation. It is not a pretty part of human culture, but it does exist and thrives in common culture. It is an awful habit that each of us is obligated to actively acknowledge and work on reducing the impact it has on our opinions towards others.

The Human Condition

Human conformity can be highly beneficial, such as standing in a line at a bank or waiting our turn at the gas pump. However, there are times when human conformity can have a negative impact on society. The first idea that comes to mind in regards to negative conformity is the mob mentality. When a large group of people get together, it is easy to see how the attitudes of a few members can spread throughout the entire group. This is generally how riots begin. If only a few members of the group begin to fight or set small fires, the attitude of the “mob mentality” spread throughout the entire group and a large riot is set into motion. This is one of those incidences where conformity is a bad habit that occurs without active thinking for most individuals involved. It is a very bad habit that most believe just “happens.”

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Buy ephedrine: A review and history

supplementsNormally I don’t do reviews of diet or sports enhancement supplement websites. I find most of them are usually shady and feel backdoor-ish. However with that said, Astro Supplements seems all right. It actually looks like a store and runs like a store so to me it is a store. What struck me as different about Astro supplements was that they are trying a social in approach way of doing business, rather than spam oriented. Looking at their website it looks really clean and web 2.0 style. They also use Facebook and twitter to really connect with shoppers. I find this is important as it validates the business itself.
A lot of companies that sell supplement or diet solutions simply put you on the landing page like a squeeze page and try to sell you their product with little to no information or a bunch of really loud talking advertisements like “hey by this now!” I think it’s the very definition of sophism and it boggles my mind that it actually works. So I didn’t really find that with Astro supplements. They have some good deals on vitamins to you don’t necessarily have to follow the diet thing.
Like I said navigation is really smooth basically the type of store where everything is clearly labeled and you know what you’re getting. It’s remarkable how completely different their supplement store is, compared with the rest of the market. When I think of spam I think the supplement market, it’s just saturated with spam so I really appreciate that this is a new or bold approach to the industry.
It’s kind of funny because a new approach to the industry is simply treating people like people and not an advertisement market or some sort of click-through product purchaser. I’m basically trying to say that the old approach hopefully is dying out and this new model that Astro supplements is following becomes the gold standard.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Acne Skin Site: A review of acne-remedies

A review of acne-remedies

When it comes to Acne Remedies, My apologies to become the bringer connected with not so good news however it is not quite as easy as merely detailing the very best acne skin care treatments. That isn’t due to there being poor quality acne remedies readily available, just the opposite in reality, it is simply that you have a couple of measures to consider prior to determining that are the very best acne cures for use on your zits.
Not everybody has got the identical pimple issue therefore, the most effective Get Rid of Acne solutions for just one individual might not be the very best pimple programs for another person. Acne assaults each person in a different way. For many, it is just a gentle strike that will be handled really quick with a few basic skin purifying exercises. Will no longer be needed. You don’t need to look for just about any acne remedies, there is no have to check out the very best acne skin care treatments.
For other people acne breakouts could be a significant issue without a doubt. Zits may be substantial enough to generate marks which in turn, in the event that they are not dealt with, could be on an emotional level as well as mentally upsetting. These individuals undoubtedly require dynamic acne breakout treatment, and also the very best acne remedies readily available.
How can you tell in which classification you’re in? Speak to your physician. It isn’t really simple to understand whether or not your current acne breakouts are a simple moving cycle which may be very easily managed, or something like that which in turn requires severe treatment before time runs out. Along with your physician will show you the most effective acne cures for the personal requirements you have. I would recommend Acne Treatment at Home.