Friday, September 23, 2011

Article Marketing: A Case Study

Article Marketing Case Study
What is article marketing?The paper has always been a means for me to express ideas and better craft my opinions  from time to time. One question that has always been pestering me is, how can I better market my articles? You spend a great deal of time writing up a thought, researching it, and laying it out on paper (or in some cases blogging.) Although, what should I do after? Is has come to my attention that article marketing and submitting my content for review might not be a bad idea. I guess it boils down to incorporating my writing of a particular article with today’s methods of finding out who is researching for the topic of that article. In other words, I write an article, who reads it? Well in short, form what I’ve learned, it’s about article marketing. Bringing together a group of concepts, not otherwise known to most people. Without being fully educated on this topic, I took what I considered to be proper knowledge, coupled with my questions.
As it turns out I was both right and wrong in certain areas. On one hand I have content or an article that I’ve written for a specific topic. On the other, I have a struggle, how do I find the readers that are looking for said content or article. Well I found an interesting site that helped me greatly in this area. It’s main focus was about article marketing and case studies. I found a series of related questions that were answered with a strong research backing. With an emphasis on research, due diligence, and structure. Touching on areas from search engine research and how the quality of my article is rated. I was more than pleased to know that I’m not the only one out there that had these questions.
Most of what the Internet brings us today is in the form of writing. I felt as if it was time to start learning how to market and better reach a potentially larger audience. With a little help, my problem was solved in no time.

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